Fire Rated Door Inspection

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Fire Rated Door Inspection

Fire rated doors require annual fire door inspections by a qualified inspector to stay in compliance with code and regulatory agencies. The last thing a facility manager wants to hear is that their fire doors didn’t pass inspection and aren’t compliant with regulations. NFPA 80 regulations require that your fire doors are properly functioning, without damage that could interfere with their operation.

If your fire doors aren’t code-compliant, it is a safety hazard that can interfere with the functioning of your facility. If an inspection has found your company to be non-compliant and you need fire door repairs in NC, then our professional team at Brand Services is qualified to assist you with repairs. Fire door repair is complicated work that requires precision, formal training, and a specific skill set. If done improperly, your building may not stand in the event of a fire. It is difficult to know exactly what todo to pass inspection, which is why only a certified and qualified individual is authorized to perform the repairs.

With the CMS adoption of the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code and NFPA 80 standards, fire doors must be tested and inspected on an annual basis. A ruling of non-compliant by an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) could be disastrous; not to mention the risk to life and property in the event of a fire.

Each inspection is completed by an IFDIA certified Fire Door Solutions professional

Our report includes the following:

  • Detailed report of all the facility’s fire doors:
    o Door location, number, rating, door handing, reasons for non-compliance.
    o Fire Door Repairs includes adjustments to gaps, installing missing screws, repairing
    holes in the door/frame, silencers, gasketing, etc. including complete fire door
    o Fire Door Labeling in the event that a fire door is missing a label or painted over.

    Commercial Door Worx technicians hold multiple fire door inspection certifications from industry-best organizations such as the Door and Hardware Institute and the International Fire Door Inspector Association. To learn more about are fire door inspection, contact us today!
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