Touchless Devices

We can provide touchless device systems allowing for an advanced and hygienic form of door activation. Washing your hands and then having to touch a handle to open a door that other people may have touched without washing their hands defeats the point of washing your hands in the first place – but that’s just one instance in which using a touchless device can be extremely appealing.

The Benefits of Touchless Devices

Using touchless devices in any establishment can help to reduce the spread of germs massively. Germs can survive for up to three hours on the hands, so even if you’re vigilant with hand washing and hand gel, there’s a chance you could still pick up germs and spread them if they are present on other people and surfaces. Touchless devices can provide options like wave to open applications, where you simply wave your hand in front of the system and the door opens in front of you in a matter of seconds.

This sort of solution is perfect for medical establishments and clean room environments, and other places where hygiene is of the utmost importance. These days, keeping good hygiene is more important than ever, so touchless devices can be utilized in many establishments to make for a much cleaner, more sterile and safe environment. Touchless devices can even be put to use in industrial environments to help reduce surfaces that could harbor germs and increase the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Touchless devices can be utilized in commercial and retail environments for patron and pedestrian well-being, not only making them more hygienic but more accessible for those who may not be able to open the door by hand. People who need walking aids, for example.

Touchless devices do not ruin the look of a building or establishment either, as our offerings can still look aesthetically pleasing while doing the most important job if minimizing risk to staff, patrons, and visitors to the building.

When you maximize accessibility by using a touchless device, you make your establishment welcoming for everybody, improving ease of use and enhancing your reputation. Piedmont Door Solutions have a huge line of touchless devices to fit many applications.

This hygiene and accessibility solution can be installed to suit the needs of each individual establishment. For instance, using push plates could be a better choice in order to help you to meet ADA compliance and maximize accessibility. We can also provide systems with a code compliant functionality, or radio controlled activation.

If you need to make your establishment more hygienic, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing, touchless devices and systems from Piedmont Door Solutions are the right way to go. Get in touch with us today and we can discuss your needs with you and find the perfect solution to suit.