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Are Hollow Metal Doors a Good Idea for Business Premises? 

Hollow metal doors are becoming increasingly popular among new architects and interior designers. The doors are a favorite of commercial premise owners and also known as ‘commercial doors’. As the name suggests, these metal doors are generally a thick sheet of metal folded into a door structure and hollow. There are several advantages of installing one, and here are some of them.

They Are Light, Sturdy And Durable

One of the issues of a door is the amount of weight it adds to the structure. The doors that don’t have the weight such as fiber and plastic ones don’t offer strength and security. Hollow metal doors, though light in weight, are sturdy and durable. You will see many of these doors guarding some of the most footfall heavy public structures, like warehouses, outhouses, and in some cases, even the backyard of houses. Hollow metal doors are also extremely durable, and that’s why you will mostly find them outside the house, in the exterior.

hollow metal door frame

Hollow Doors Are All-Proof

Hollow doors are of aluminum and steel. So, they are fire and waterproof. They are a hassle-free installation for the structure owners as well, as they do not have to do much in terms of care and maintenance of the doors. The design of these doors ensures that the impact scatters all around, and only one part of the door doesn’t take the full force or impact. The best kind of hollow doors can repel a firearm impact as well.

Hollow Doors Offer Structural Security

Hollow doors don’t just offer security to the structure but structural security as well. These doors have a design that absorbs all kinds of outside impact. So, you won’t find a rude dent on them in case of an incident.

They Add To The Aesthetic Of The Structure

Hollow doors, in the right hands, do wonders for the aesthetic of a structure. Whether you have a chic garage or pottery, you can design and paint on a hollow door as you wish, making it match the interiors as well as the exteriors as you want. And what’s more, they are not very expensive.

Hollow Doors Follow Safety Rules

Hollow doors are the perfect option for those looking for door structures that adhere to regulations and safety rules. Since they are light, one can open and close them without applying a lot of stress, making them the perfect option for differently-abled individuals. Hollow doors are a good idea for people who have outhouses or have a pet. They can even design them in such a way that they can leave some space in them to allow their pets to crawl under the door. So, these doors are an interior designer’s dream come true as well.

These are the top five reasons why more and more customers, both domestic and commercial, are looking for hollow doors. Hollow doors are also in demand because they are available in several sizes, so you don’t have to hunt around for the one that fits your structure if you haven’t used standard sizes.