All You Need to Know about Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated doors are not just a good idea, but they are a must in every structure, whether commercial or domestic. If you are looking for more information about fire-rated doors, read this article.

What Material Are Fire-Rated Doors Made Of?

Fire-rated doors are of steel, and they will not combust when exposed to fire. These doors cannot handle the fire permanently, and the average time frame that the doors cannot combust is about twenty to ninety minutes, depending on several factors. Another name for these doors is fire-retardant doors. The steel and other material used in these doors can resist very high temperatures, and that’s what makes them fire-retardant.

What Structures Need A Fire-Rated Door?

Every structure needs a fire-rated door. Most fire-rated doors are of steel, and people don’t like using these doors in their resident and domestic premises. Even so, these doors are the best options for places that are prone to experience fires. Fire-rated doors ensure that anything that you store in the structure is shielded from any fire hazard. Mostly, hotels and people who deal in places that are fire hazards install a fire-rated door. Fire-rated doors have fire-rated and fire-retardant bolts, seals, and steel hinges. Commercial structures have one exit that’s guarded by a fire-rated door for this reason.

The fire-rated doors can withstand fire for a limited amount of time, from twenty minutes to ninety minutes. The fire-rated door will ensure that the fire doesn’t break out in the room, and people in the room have a chance to exit the building from an alternate exit.

Are Fire-Rated Doors Strong?

Fire-rated doors are of steel and are durable. They are engineered in such a manner that they can take any outside impact and send it along its entire plane. Therefore, you will see that these fire-rat doors don’t have any dents or breaks. Also, these doors are corrosion-free, so they are durable. The fire-rated doors are well designed, so they do not take away from the structure’s beauty.

Are Fire-Rated Doors Aesthetic?

Fire-rated doors, when in the hands of a good designer, add to the aesthetic. They are available in various designs, right from double doors, single doors, rectangle doors, and square doors. So, even the pickiest designers will be satisfied with the fire doors they get their hands on.

There are several manufactures of fire-rated doors in all areas. The most convenient way to finding out the best in your area is by doing research on the internet about local fire-rated door manufacturers and sellers. Several of them have websites or social media pages that give you all the information you need about them.

There are various certifications when it comes to checking the fire-resistant capabilities of a door. So, you will need to check which door caters to these requirements. When you decide on a fire-rated door, keep in mind that these doors should undergo an inspection every year or so, so ensure that you sign up for some extended warranty and service plan.

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