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Do You Need a Bathroom Partition?

Everyone who has ever been to a mall and has used the washroom has seen a bathroom partition. These are thin slides made of wood, ply, or any other material that segregate the bathroom area into smaller cubicles that serve as a washroom. These are some things that we see every day but don’t spend much attention to them. So, it comes as a surprise when it eventually dawns on you that you need a bathroom partition. Here are simple reasons that you might need a bathroom partition in your household.

bathroom partitions

The Number Of People In Your Household Has Increased

Got married? Kids grew up? One of the kids moved back in? Well, you do need a bathroom partition. It’s no longer easy to ration bathroom time, and in some cases, it’s not healthy or hygienic to defer your bathroom time. We all remember the adage – you gotta go when you gotta go. If you don’t have the finances to make another bathroom in your house, the next best option is to chip in for a bathroom partition.

One Of Your Family Members Has Become Dependent

When someone becomes dependent, one of the most problematic issues is the bathroom aspect of the invalid and dependent time. Unless you have someone to take care of them, they take more time in the bathroom, and unfortunately, require training to use a bathroom or a toilet all over again. Someone who’s recently become dependent would also need more privacy and more time than others while in the bathroom. In such a scenario, a bathroom partition becomes essential.

You Want To Redo Your Bathroom

Here’s another surprise, you can make your bathroom into a spa with minimal expense. After all, you have space and need some machinery. That’s where the bathroom partition comes into play. If you live with family, you may find it difficult to explain how they can’t use the bathroom for extended hours.

There are several types of bathroom partitions, with the most famous being the shower curtain area. You see this a lot in the movies, and possibly the scene that comes to mind is Psycho or Scarface.

One of the more modern ones is the glass enclosures that become a shower area. These are space-conserving and give even the oldest of bathrooms a whole, brand new look. They are available in a variety of designs and builds, so you take some time looking and deciding which is best for you.

Bathroom partitions aren’t used just in domestic scenarios. As mentioned earlier, bathroom partitions are a common feature in the mall washrooms and public baths.

Whether you are looking for commercial bathroom partitions or domestic, there are options in the market available for you. One way to find them is to go online and check for them along with reading customer reviews. Most of the companies in the business have a website and a social presence. You can also check the options at your local hardware store.

Hiring a professional door installation and hardware company is your best solution for creating an ideal bathroom for your establishment. Commercial Door Worx has quickly built a phenomenal reputation as the best door installation company in North Carolina and Georgia.

You can count on us to provide expert consultation on how to move forward with this installation. Next, we will completely design and install your bathroom partitions with your oversight.

Ultimately, you’ll receive a finished product that aligns with your precise specifications. What’s more is that we value customer satisfaction and we make sure you’re 100% satisfied.