Commercial Doors – What You Need to Know

comercial door

Thinking about purchasing doors that fit your needs?  Read our article to learn about commercial doors and how you can determine which one is the best for you.

What are Commercial Doors?

Schools, offices, markets, hospitals, building industries, and other commercial buildings use these doors most often. By design, these doors have better resistance when compared with residential doors. They can endure climate variations and damage. We will help you choose by telling you the types and differences of the most common doors, and then you will be able to decide the best one for you! 

Types of Materials


1. Steel 

Steel is one of the most popular materials used to make commercial doors. As a result, these doors offer a high level of security and endurance due to their sturdiness and thickness. In addition, they offer security because locking systems can be installed. They are built with metal layers wrapped around a porous core or covering. 

2. Wood 

These types of doors are created using thin wood covering layers that are wrapped around a composite core built from solid boards, particleboard, or crushed mineral elements.

The wood doors are often used for internal commercial purposes since they are not as enduring as the ones made from other materials. Doors made of wood are very unstable and cannot face intense weather situations.

3. Aluminum with Glass

Aluminum and glass doors have modern, smooth, and clean aesthetics. Sophisticated businesses use them often. 

They also don’t need much maintenance- light cleaning and polishing keep them glowing. 

4. Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are made from a plastic mold combined with fine fibers of glass. They are known for their long durability, so if you are looking for a long-lasting solution for your business- this is the one! 

5. Full Glass Doors

Full glass doors can be dangerous when broken, and for this reason, they are made of safety glass. They are mainly used for decorative and aesthetic purposes since they will give your business a distinct look. 

6. Overhead Doors

These are conventional commercial doors. These doors are preferably suitable for warehouse sheds or garages. This type of door is a space saver too. Unlike swinging doors, these doors can be rolled upward.

The Overhead one has long and large openings, they are usually made of steel sheets. We advise you to use this type of door in storage facilities, warehouses, docks, and other locations. Made of steel, they also have tremendous endurance. 

The 4 Main Commercial Doors


1. Roll-up Doors

They are usually made from steel but can be built and designed in multiple colors, materials, patterns, sizes, and arrangements. They are very easy to maintain, clean, and use.

2. Fire Rated Doors

If your building risks exposure to petrol and other dangerous substances, this door will help you to reduce the risk of explosions. They are made with fire-resistant material that, besides helping avoid explosions, also helps prevent the fire from expanding throughout the structure.

3. Scissor Gates

They are built from high-quality steel to grant maximum security, hence why they are most used by commercial enterprises like banks, lending firms, and other related businesses that need a high-security level.

Commercial Doors Product Line


High-Performance Doors

A high-performance door has a scratch-guard security shield that reduces noise, is proper for high cycle places because it is very tough and long-lasting. It has Delrin end blocks attached to decrease the resistance.

Weather-Edge Doors

Weather-edge doors have improved endurance against dust, air infiltration, and water. It is durable and affordable because of its economical construction.

Insulated Commercial Doors

The Insulated Door can control the intern temperature and create a pleasant environment. These doors use a combination of flats slats with weather seals and foam insulation.

Ventilated Doors

A Ventilated Door gives excellent protection while allowing ventilation and clarity. It is a popular model for loading docks, warehouses, and retail storefronts. These doors include flat or curved slats that have perforated holes.

Fire Doors 

Fire Doors can close automatically and have auto-reset or easy-reset functions to meet the fire safety standards. With these features, when there is a fire or an alarming situation, the door closes automatically. These doors are ideal for institutional, industrial, commercial, and retail projects.

Insulated Fire Doors

This door offers an innovative design combined with enhanced performance and a fire shield besides sound control and thermal insulation. It is created with a dual slat curtain construction with a mineral wool core.

Counter Fire Doors

The Counter Fire Door is like a standard Fire Door, but it has a more compact design. It offers the same highest fire security and different features of fire doors. 

Fire Door Retrofit

 The Fire Retrofit Door employs technology used on the rolling fire doors. They can substitute the same kind of systems. Because of this remarkable technology, you do not need to use a mechanical reset.

Folding Gates

These doors are also known as collapsible, expanding, accordion, or scissor gates. They can be either bi-parting or single sliding- they are very portable and can be folded into place and folded away.  

Boarding Bridge Door

These doors are popular in airports- specifically in the boarding area. They allow the passengers to board from the bridge to the airplane. Cab and rotunda make up the sidewalls, while containers have counterbalance sources.

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