Solid Core Wood Doors

Five Reasons Why Solid Core Wood Doors Make Sense

Solid Core wood doors have become quite popular over the past few years. They are doors with composite material filling, covered with solid wood sheets. They are the third type, apart from solid wood doors and hollow wood doors. Interior designers, home and business owners now prefer solid core wood doors. If you are wondering why, here are the five simple reasons why. 

Solid Core Wood Doors are Economic

Solid core wood doors have wood or composite substances between wood sheets. Its made of wood glued with resin and pressure. So, you are using a lesser amount of wood than you would in a pure wood door. It brings down the cost, making it attractive to anyone looking for a budget option for their home decor. The cost of a solid core wood door is between a solid wood door and a hollow wood door. So, it makes the perfect option for those who aren’t yet ready to dole out for a solid door and not happy with the quality and features of a hollow wood door. 

Solid Core Wood Doors Can Decrease Insurance Costs

Solid Core Wood Doors might seem expensive right off the bat, but they can save you money at different stages. For example, there are chances that the insurance cost would decrease once the insurance company finds out that the house has a solid core wood door. That’s because these doors offer more security and are sturdier and more durable.

Solid Core Wood Doors are Heavier Than Solid Wood Doors

Solid core wood doors are heavier and therefore work better for rooms that require soundproofing and better sound acoustics. Also, solid core wood doors offer better security, as they are pretty heavy and won’t tear down in a hurry. A good quality solid core wood door will suppress almost fifty percent of the sound within a room. In essence, one of the features of a solid core wood door is the noise suppression that it offers, making it the favorite of artists or someone who wants to watch their favorite movie on loud. 

Solid Core Wood Doors Are Fire And Heat Resistant

If you are looking for shielding from fire or heat, solid core wood doors are the perfect solution. Yes, they aren’t as effective as a fire-retardant door, but they still offer a decent amount of shielding from fire and heat. 

Solid core wood doors are perfect for many people. They do not have the finish, look, or features of a solid wood door. So, solid core wood doors are a replacement for solid wood doors. 

If you are in the market for a solid core wood door, you should research the most popular brands in that market. Most of them have an online as well as a social media presence. So, you can find out more about them, their products, and their salient features. But before that, take a look at the local options, as they sometimes offer better offers, discounts, and even the delivery and installation might be quicker.