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Anti-ligature solutions are at the forefront of ensuring that sentinel incidents do not occur at places that are at the most risk of them happening such as at hospitals, behavior and correctional facilities, etc.

For the uninitiated, residents of such institutions sometimes plan to self-harm using what are known as pinch points, the hinges on which the doors open and shut. These doors in such institutions might also cause unintentional harm.

Over the past decade, incidents of self-harm and sentinel events involving at-risk patients have increased, making anti-ligature doors and other such solutions essential.

Though anti-ligature doors are essential to such safety, they are only half the job done. Door alarms are another necessity to ensure a completely safe environment for everyone who resides in, maintains, or oversees such an institution.

Institutions like hospitals, penitentiaries, and others walk a thin line between allowing patients and inmates required privacy and ensuring their safety, ensuring that self-harm instances don’t occur. The traditional doors offer multiple options for anyone looking for self-harm, with some doors offering more and some less.


Door Alarms

Suicide Door Alarms, Top Door Alarms, The Door Switch

Anti-Ligature Door Handles

Pull Handles, Lever Handles, Pinch Grip Handles

Anti-Ligature Door Hinges

Continuous Hinges, Double Acting Hinges

Commercial Door Worx specializes in several solutions that range from door systems, accessories to alarm systems for a large number of doors.

We offer solutions like suicide door alarms, top door alarms, and door switches. We also have accessories like lever handles, pinch grip handles, and pull handles, commonly known as anti-ligature handles.

The various devices that we offer are door hinges, like continuous door hinges, double acting door hinges, and others that maximize the security among individuals who reside on the premises.

Anti-ligature solutions need to evolve constantly also. More and more individuals conjure up innovative ideas to self-harm, using the anti-ligature solutions that are obsolete or not perfectly engineered.

There are several examples, and one can never really list out all how they can self-harm using the available accessories. So, these solutions need constant evolution. 

At Commercial Door Worx, customer safety and fulfillment of requirements are moot. Our designers and engineers will design solutions perfect for your requirement and within budget as well. We have a broad range of vendors all over the country, so our products, replacement products, and spare parts are available widely.

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